DNS Security & Content Filtering

Threat protection & Content filtering for your office and remote users


DNS Filtering

DNS filtering (also known as web filtering) is one of our layered security components. We offer these services to ensure your workforce and your data remain as safe as possible.

Our filtering service helps to protect from malware, phishing virus and other threats by blocking requests to the domains and sites hosting them. It is best deployed as part of a layered strategy. For instance, if a member of staff does click on a malicious link the filtering service aims to stop that action causing any harm.

One of the best features of this is that we support your roaming devices, protecting your staff and data on the go.

Additionally, content filtering can block types of web services for you. This can include streaming services, social networking and categories of sites that may not be useful to your business. This can help to protect bandwidth in offices with limited connections.

We support self service access so that you can manage content access yourself if required.
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