Backup & Data Protection

Data is critical to all businesses, so it is only natural to ensure it's adequately protected. Properly managed backups are essential to all good disaster recovery processes.


Managed Backup Services

As a cloud backup service provider, our managed offerings include:

  • Microsoft 365 (Formerly Office 365). This includes mailboxes, Teams and SharePoint data.
  • Physical servers
  • Virtual Machines (HyperV, VMWare, etc)
  • NAS (Network Attached Storage)
  • Cloud provider VMs and data

If you’re not sure what your requirements for your business data backups are don’t worry, our managed backup service always begins with an audit to help understand your data and your business to get you the most appropriate solution.

We can help you determine RTO (Recovery Time Objective, the maximum allowed time it can take to make your data available again) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective, how recent the latest backup needs to be) and balance all this against cost to get the best solution for your business. For some businesses backing up directly to cloud will suffice as the lights stay on even without the data. For others where access to data is absolutely critical for core processes, an on premises backup can be more cost effective as you’ll be up and running again faster.

It’s not always about recovering from a full data loss scenario, sometimes it’s just that you need that file you deleted last week. We can set you up with self-service restore of individual files and folders as needed with our backup utility.

Our Consulting services are best placed to ensure that the most appropriate backup solution is used for your business data. We can deliver value here through our experience and managed backup infrastructure offering.

Disaster Recovery Services

As well as backup, having a proper disaster recovery solution in place can be critical in ensuring your business continues to serve your customers in the event of a disaster. As disaster recovery planning can be quite complex and is bespoke for each business, our Consulting services can be leveraged to help you develop your DR plan and implement it. Once in place it becomes a managed part of our disaster recovery service for your peace of mind.

We’ll partner with you to determine the best possible solution for you, including:

  • Choosing the type of backup
  • Deciding on backup plans and schedules
  • Choosing which cloud services to use for your online backup

As your partner, we’ll continue to update your planning as your business grows and changes. Most importantly, we’ll be on hand to get you through the disaster if and when it occurs.

We even offer a DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) package to let you recover your business infrastructure directly into ours when needed.

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